In my search for answers, for ways to get better, I began to realize that my physical issues were not just physical, that they had roots in who I am as a person, and in how I dealt with stress or toxicity. So I began to look for modalities that would help me understand more about what had shaped me and how I could possibly heal.


I tried a lot of different things, but the day I found the Rosen Method was the day my life began to change. It is the foundation for everything that I do, and for how I am in my life at every second. It is deceptively simple and deeply profoundly life changing.


The core concept behind Rosen is that when we resist our feelings and emotions because they hurt or are scary or dangerous, we build protections around us that are useful when we are young, but become limiting when we are adults and outgrow them. But they have become habits that we are not even aware of. We are continually creating armor and that action uses up much of our energy for living and blocks us from knowing who we really are.

My name is Katarina Wittich, but I have been known as Kato since I was a child. I am a certified Rosen Practitioner, Yuen Practitioner, Family Constellations facilitator and Conscious Dance facilitator.

My journey toward helping others to find richer more whole lives began with my own fragmentation, beginning with my struggle to find health. I grew up poor, in NYC, without access to nature or nurturing foods, and from the age of two I broke bones regularly and had frequent accidents. I became stronger as I grew older, but then in my thirties I became quite ill from mercury toxicity and had to step out of my career in the film industry.

When a Rosen practitioner approaches that armor with touch and words and energetic connection, we begin to bring it into consciousness, to feel ourselves holding on, and then it becomes possible to access what is under the armor. Often we have forgotten why we even needed the armor in the first place.

But once we become conscious of where we are holding back, and we are encouraged to notice ourselves fully, in the safe container provided by the Rosen practitioner, then often whatever we are trying to avoid feeling can come up and be completely felt. And once that happens, then the protection is no longer necessary, because our unconscious self no longer believes it is a survival necessity not to feel ourselves fully.


A Rosen practitioner is a midwife of the self that we can be when we are no longer keeping ourselves in a state of constant resistance. And that self is always much more joyful and alive than the self who needs to hold on so tightly.

Rosen as a practice has been a huge source of joy for me, to be honored to participate in so much unfolding, to help people do the deep detective work of finding out who they really are!


As I did my Rosen training, most of it with Marion Rosen, but also with many wonderful other senior teachers, I began to be able to handle my illness with more ease and connection, and life started to change, but I was still quite sick. So I started to explore various forms of alternative healing for my body. And my deeply rational scientific approach to life was challenged directly by multiple experiences that were concrete and inexplicable in my belief system at the time.

Now I am joyfully free of belief systems. I trust what I experience directly, and I am aware that my rational brain is not capable of comprehending aspects of human existence that science has not yet been able to fully explain. This trust has developed because of the deep healing movements that I have participated in creating through the use of Yuen Method and now through the truly gorgeous modality of Family Constellations.


Both Yuen and Constellations are ways of tapping directly into whatever it is that connects us all, that transcends time and locality, that is always accessible when you allow yourself to experience it.  I don’t give it names because I don’t know what it is. I only know that it can bring amazing insights and tremendous healing for those of us lucky enough to experience it.

Yuen and Constellations allow us to uncover the deep allegiances we have made with our family belief systems, the epigenetic currents running through us, and the ancestral wounds that we are unconsciously shaped by. Both modalities feel like magic, although I am certain some day science will be able to explain them. But for me it is enough to know that people can walk away from sessions with their lives opened up and new possibilities available through using these modalities.


The Yuen Method is incorporated in to my Rosen Practice, and I use it whenever there are issues that arise which are directly ancestral.  


We have an active Family Constellations group that gathers every other week in northeast LA. Go to the link for Family Constellations to find out more about this beautiful and eye opening phenomenological group practice.


The final piece for me in my own journey of becoming stronger and more whole is conscious dance. There is nothing more joyful and more healing than gathering regularly to dance your heart open and your body into fluidity in a room full of loving community.


We didn't have enough dance on the east side of Los Angeles, so I created Friday Night FUNk, an ecstatic dance gathering that is now community run and provides a weekly place for practicing joy.


Come join us by clicking on the conscious dance link.


I look forward to meeting you!

Training and Studies:

B.A. History of the Arts and Letters, graduated Cum Laude from Yale University.


M.F.A. from NYU Graduate Film and Television.


Certified Rosen Method Practitioner. Trained primarily with Marion Rosen. Also with other wonderful senior teachers at the Berkeley Center, the Southwest Center and the Open Center. 20 plus years of practice.


Certified Yuen Method practitioner, studied with Dr. Kam Yuen


Certified Family Constellations facilitator from Constellations Healing Institute. Studied with Gary Stuart, Roberta Atti, Stephan Hausner, Vlado Ilic and others.


Other modalities include but are not limited to: EFT, Reference Point Therapy, Infant Reflex Therapy, Reset Meditation....


Life studies:

Rosen hospice care for my deeply loved mother and sister - learning how to remain present and heart centered through the worst of storms.

Rosen birth assistant at a number of home births - developing trust in the body in all its wisdom and glory.

Director/writer and first assistant director in the film industry for many years - the practice of how to sink in through chaos and find the core stability under the noise.

Wife and partner for over 30 years - non stop education on how to move past ego and into love.

Sister, aunt and stepmother - navigating the intricacy of giving and receiving with joy and gratitude