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This page will present a number of different types of resources. 


There are videos to explain Rosen Method and Family Constellations and Conscious Dance. 


There are videos to guide you through new practices. 


There are links to numerous podcasts which are all full of nuggets of things I teach my clients and perspectives that I have learned are effective and useful for moving toward a richer and more ease filled joyous life. 


And there are various suggestions of modalities and other resources that I have found very useful for me, and you may enjoy exploring. 


Video sections come first, podcasts come last.


Scroll down and explore!   ( There will be more videos and podcasts uploaded soon, so keep coming back and check it out!)

Introductory Videos:

"Sex, Love and Goop" is a documentary series available to watch on Netflix now.

Episode 5 focuses on the use of  Family Constellations for relationships, and in it I lead two full constellations.

Check out the trailers and then go to Netflix and watch it!

I had the honor to participate in what was perhaps the largest Family Constellations conference online, with 91 International presenters, and 145 workshops. I presented two workshops of various forms of my work, including a new form of Constellations I call Developmental Integration Constellations. The videos from the conference are stil available for purchase online for at least three months, and it is extremely worth purchasing and watching, not just for my workshops, but because so many brilliant facilitators presented so many deep and useful ideas and practices that you can follow along with and do work for yourself by watching the recording. 

I strongly recommend you check it out - it is a bargain for $250 and if you have true financial difficulties, contact the organizers and they have ways to ease the pressure for you. Here is the link to the page to purchase, click on it or copy and paste.


The following videos will introduce you to my work and give you an idea of my approaches and perspectives. The Family Constellations video shows numerous excertps from Constellations gatherings.  

Resource videos: useful practices

Gibberish is an ancient practice for moving out stuckness, anger, sadness or any resistance to what is. A few minutes of it when you are upset or stuck can make an enormous difference in the rest of your day. 


Every one of these podcasts are full of suggestions of practices and perspectives that I have developed during over 25 years of investigating humanness through the great privilege of helping others find richer, more whole lives. You are likely to find these nuggets very useful, and if you have time, you may want to listen to all of the podcasts because each one mines different aspects of the work. 


This was my first podcast and I loved talking with host Tiffanee Cook.This delicious experience made all following podcasts easy to do. Her deeply intelligent curiosity and open heart brought out my delight in my work and her perspectives as a successful female boxer were eye opening and new for me. I think you will find this full of juicy and useful suggestions to apply to your own life. 

Kato Wittich Cover.png

My next podcast was with Creative Superhero host Andrea Scher, whose approach to expanding peoples lives through creativity aligns deeply with my perspectives, and brought out lots of new angles of discussion. I started to realize that the best part of podcasts is that I grow as I share information with the fascinating humans who are using their podcasts to make the world a better place. Andrea's new book " Wonder Seeker - 52 ways to wake up your Creativity and find your Joy"  is full of wonder and a great guide toward joy. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 9.17.59 AM.png

Ariane Sommer, the host of Superhumanize, was enormous fun to talk to, and deeply moving as we shared about our German ancestry and its impact on us. We share an intense interest in evolution and in all the newly developing fields of neuroscience and the archeological investigation of the myths that humans are intrinsically violent and necessarily drawn to hierarchical societal organization. We both admire the work of Riane Eissler and Marija Gimbutas in their investigations of how archeology and art demonstrate that there were probably non hierarchical peaceful Goddess worshiping cultures who predated our current patriarchal structures by many thousands of years. So this podcast covered a lot of new territory!

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 9.41.40 AM.png

Melissa Ambrosini was delightful to talk to. She glows with enthusiasm and love for humanity and is deeply committed to helping people to love themselves and let go of self judgment, which of course is foundational in my work. Health is fundamental to her podcasts, and we share the perspective that physical health is dependent on mental health, and that focus was a large part of our discussion. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 4.42.53 PM.png

It was a joy to return to another conversation with Tiffanee Cook -- I could talk to her repeatedly and we would keep finding new things to discuss and new insights that will be useful for others. Lots of new stuff in this one: check it out!

334 Kato Wittich.png

Podcast host Eric Oliver is a professor at University of Chicago, who has created a fascinating podcast series based on a course he has been teaching for twenty years, helping his students to investigate their lives and who they are, and who they could be, through the use of nine questions that he has devised.  His process is deep and brought me new insights about myself, so it was a delight to do. Eric has a deep and welcoming curiousity and openness that makes it possible to visit so many profound questions in such a short period of time. I think his questions can be useful for anyone who wants to explore their own psyche, and we found tremendous amounts of commonality in how we think. ( He has also written a brilliant book called "Enchanted America" which is very worth reading, about the political divides that we find ourselves in right now. )

Here is a link to the website:

Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 7.24.17 PM.png
9 questions podcast page. .png


In this section I am going to put articles and links to podcasts and other sources that I have found useful in my own life, and which might make a difference in yours.


This section is dedicated to my sisterfriend Regine, whose art is scattered through this website and through my heart. Regine died in 2022 after a rapid decline due to a recurrence of breast cancer. She was a foundational part of my constellations community and her depth and honesty and extraordinary huge heart supported me through developing my work and I cannot imagine how it would have been without her. 

Even in her dying process and in death, Regine was contributing, helping to expand all of us by asking us to keep her body on dry ice in the livingroom for three days in a wake and home funeral, so that we could really journey with her as she left. This first article is about that journey, exquisitely made possible by Sacred Crosssings Funeral Home. The second is an L.A. times article on full body sea burials, like the one that slid Regine into the sea that she so loved.  

Please click on the links next to Regine's art to go to her website and experience the beautiful legacies she left us.

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 3.47.39 PM.png

These are some podcasts that have changed my life, and may be useful to you.


Professor Andrew Huberman has done in depth work on the necessity to get outside in the light within the first hour of waking, for 5 - 10 min. Since I started doing this, I sleep deeply and wake refreshed and have much more energy. I was always a night person, but this practice has changed that. He has numerous science based practices which can help to calm your nervous system and ground you. 

Dr. Lembkes work on our societal addictions to Dopamine through our devices and other practices, is crucial to understanding how to lead a balanced life in this crazy time. She explains clearly the brain wiring behind our evolutionary need to allow ourselves stillness and discomfort, or we end up chasing happiness and never getting there. 

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