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This list is long, so it will quite likely be a while before you could have your own in person constellation, so I strongly recommend trying some of the online options, or checking on the availability of other in person options. Here is a link to some of my suggestions: Family Constellations Referrals

Integration Constellations are very powerful and well suited to online work. I am on a brief hiatus but will be resuming online sooner than in person, so give us your name if you want to go on the wait list for one. There are also numerous other facilitators doing versions of what I call Integration Constellations, based on the IOPT work of Dr. Franz Ruppert and you can find links to them here: I-I, ID, IOPt Referrals.

This list is long so it will quite likely be a while before I will have space for new clients, so please follow this link for recommendations for Rosen in the LA area and beyond. Rosen Referrals.

Thank you for reaching out. I will get back to you shortly.


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