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If you’re inclined to believe that we are all connected, but want proof—come to a constellation. Whether you are participating as a representative or watching your own family constellation unfold as a client, being a part of a constellation is a deeply moving, liberating experience. Each time I’ve participated, I’ve felt a physical release and a shift in my family dynamics. You don’t get to repeat your old story in a constellation. Rather, you step inside an experience of your family history that you may never have known, with new compassion, new understanding.


As a representative, I found myself effortlessly embodying others’ family members in ways that defy description and felt changes in my being just as if I had been participating as a client. You don’t have to worry about “performing” at a constellation event. Kato puts everyone at ease with her deft blend of focused leadership and subtly deployed wisdom. Her knowledge of the Family Constellations and her lengthy experience with other healing modalities form a secure foundation for the group.


I tell almost everyone I know who is interested in healing—even from seemingly intractable issues---to come to these events. Family Constellations have radically altered the way I view what is possible in healing and confirmed for me that we really are all One.

A. H. Artist

I had the great pleasure of discovering Kato's work through a mutual friend who suggested I try a family constellation to address some seemingly unsolvable challenges I was facing.


I was not living in Los Angeles at the time and so we did a remote constellation, with me in another city. Kato recorded the audio of the session for me to hear. The results were profound. If I had any doubt about the power and connectedness of this work it was immediately dispelled. The elements were so uncannily accurate. For instance, the woman standing in for my mother at one point said "my left arm has gone numb" and then almost immediately after, "Oh... I am no longer here." My mother died of brain cancer and her left arm did indeed go numb a month or two before she passed. No one at the constellation knew about her arm.


My results in the days and weeks after this constellation were equally profound as the issues that I hoped to resolved dissipated and transformed. 


I was so taken with Kato's work that in the intervening months I have referred three other people to her, who have excitedly experienced the same transformations that I have regarding their own issues. 


This has been a real life-changing experience and clearly demonstrates how interconnected we all are.   

Bob D, Director/Writer/Producer


Family Constellations has profoundly changed my life, not only when i received my own constellation,  but also just by being a representative in other people’s constellations. I was put in as the representative for a jealous angry sister in a situation of conflict between two sisters. The conflict resolved during the constellation, resulting in a loving embrace. A few days later, my own sister called me out of the blue and told me "I love you”.  She never did that before!  This phone call left me speechless and in awe of how the universe works.  My own sister has had issues with jealousy since i was born two years after her. Now things are moving, she is taking ownership of her feelings instead of projecting them on me. What a change, 50 years later!


The second example is a constellation where I represented someone's father. A man who lives for money, sex and power.  To be in his shoes for 30 minutes was a life changing experience. Maybe the biggest gift for me was to have the experience of absolutely no guilt despite the emotions unfolding around me.  The freedom I experienced as I represented that man during that constellation is a place i am now able to reconnect with, when i feel out of balance in my own life expression.  My own life being usually overly spiritual as opposed to physical, a split I have always experienced and long to heal. Now I  hold  a key experience I can go back to, thanks to representing what I perceived as my opposite.


Starting to attend the family constellation work with Kato has turned my life upside down in a very wonderful and unexpected way. No evening is ever the same, even to just hold the space for people in the circle leaves me in awe. I feel grateful. 

R. V. Artist


Family Constellations is a cathartic, moving experience. I love how pure and clear I feel representing for people.

C.M. Filmmaker


Participating in Family Constellations is a really incredible, healing, and super cleansing experience too. I feel in service to the greater whole of humanity before, during, and after attending - which is amazing!

B.K. Actor, educator





Kato’s sensitivity, care and wisdom make doing Rosen work with her an enriching, amazing, and highly transformative experience. One of the most powerful aspects of this work is how Kato’s touch and presence help me meet my experience more deeply and with more insight and tenderness. Her reliably steady and wise presence help me trust and make meaning of my grief / shame / longing—whatever difficulty is up for me—and I walk out of sessions more grounded, and often profoundly grateful. It is said that the best therapy gives us permission to be as we are, and restores our sense of dignity—Kato’s work achieves both beautifully. 

M.S. licensed psychotherapist


Rosen is pure magic!!! I could be struggling through the most harrowing times of life where I just can't catch a breath, when everything feels painfully horrible and I cannot get through it all, a Rosen session with Kato turns all of that around and somehow by the end of the day, I feel renewed with a clear sense of normalcy.  Not that my troubles magically go away, something miraculously realigns and my gut-wrenching troubles become just part of life and I'm more than OK to move through it all.

S.P. Dancer, Meditator


Kato has this wonderful combination of healing abilities and profound compassion . You know you are in great hands . She lovingly helps you identify the root of pain in your body and by identifying that pain it begins to melt away.

G.B. Producer, Director, Actor


A few years back I was supposed to be at a friends dinner party but I had pulled my back out. This was the first time I had experienced back injury and it was intense. I went but was doubled over and headed straight for the sofa as my friends all stood in disbelief. "Get me a drink" I whispered. I am usually quite energetic! Well that dinner party was the most healing dinner I could have imagined as Kato was there. How lucky I was to discover her powers of healing. She stood with me and calmly talked me through what was going on in my body and mind. She unlocked the injury gently and slowly released me from the extraordinary pain I was in. There was no pulling on legs or twisting of spines. She whispered gently and I could feel this incredible healing on my back from her hand. Slowly it realeased. It was the first time I had experienced anything like this. Miraculous, yes, I used her advice for days to come, to visualize and heal the injury. I have not experienced any back trouble since and that was many years back. She is deeply connected to some kind of source, and I will never forget that day. 

N.D.  Former Chairman of The British Academy of Film and Television Arts,  Los Angeles Media Company owner,  O.B.E


Rosen healing has taught me so much about life, myself, & how to move through it all with greater ease & flow. I see it as a gift, both gentle & intense at times. Participating in the work has allowed me to take charge of my life - living more resourcefully, holding myself accountable for my issues, & being far more of a healing presence in the world. It has allowed me to feel more responsible for my own transformation, as much as it has left me with a rewarding sense of personal healing empowerment. After a session I experience a greater connection to myself & with the greater whole - filling me up with joy! 

B.K. Actor, educator


Working with Kato, or more accurately put, having Kato lay her healing hands on you, is such a powerful and intimate experience. Kato has such an acute intuition and reads ones body, emotions, stored history... whatever it may be, with such care and accuracy it is incredible. I love my sessions with her.

R.K. Actor, artist

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